Mets Fan Talk Sh*t To Phillies Fan After A Win, Phillies Fan Launches His Phone Into Left Field

I’m fully convinced there’s not a group on this planet that’s more obnoxious than New York sports fans.

I don’t care if it’s the Yankees, Mets, Bills, Giants, Jets, Nets, Knicks, or the local underwater basket-weaving club team, you ain’t gonna find a more rambunctious group of people.

Maybe this is just my stereotypical perception of these people, considering I’m a die hard Atlanta Braves fan, so it’s in my blood to hate anything Mets related. And don’t get me wrong, fans from Philly are no walk in the park either, but I’m focusing on this jackass in the Mets jersey at the moment…

A Mets fan got a taste of his own medicine at Citizens Bank Park last night, after his team sealed the deal against the Philadelphia Phillies 9-6.

He proceeded to take his phone, and shove it in a Phillies fan’s face.

And what did the Phillies fan do?

He only took the guy’s phone, and chucked it as far as he could out into left field, possibly never to be seen again.

Kind of a gutless move to chuck and run, and the security lady (and some random dude trying to play hero) attempted to restrain our phone-tosser, but he found a way to slip through and escape.

Trying to laugh through the tears, the Mets fan said:

“Who’s the one laughing?”

And the guy recording responded:

“Actually, I think the entire stadium is laughing at you dickhead.”


And perhaps the most shocking part of the entire video… no a single punch was thrown.

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