UK Man Hooks Rare 13-Foot Sawfish Off The Coast Of Florida

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Rare and massive…. can’t complain about that?

If you’re not familiar with sawfish, they’re pretty damn cool. I mean,  they literally have a saw for a nose…

Also known as carpenter sharks, sawfish are part of the ray family and can grow to be some of the largest fish in the sea. Narcity says Ian Atherton was on vacation to Florida from the UK when he for a day of shark fishing on a charter.

Now, that sounds like a proper vacation to me.

Atherton and his guide went about a mile offshore at Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic side, and started fishing. It wasn’t long, only 20 or 30 minutes and they had a bite.

He fought it for an hour before the fish got tired and gave in to the pull. It came as a massive surprise when this smalltooth sawfish popped up above water.

The smalltooth and largetooth Sawfish are both federally protected due to being classified as endangered. Rules state you have to leave the fish in the water if it is caught.

Atherton got an awesome video of it though, capturing the pure excitement and joy of catching something amazing.

“Ohhhhh, what a fish! Wowza”


I’m fired up to. How could you not be with such an amazing species?

The sawfish is actually most similar to a Ray Fish. That is seen as Atherton pulls the fish right up to the boat. After its saw ends it looks just like a ray underneath.

Jamie Glasner, Atherton’s guide for the day was definitely impressed with the catch.

“We’ve been doing charters for 17 years and in 17 years we’ve only caught two, and the last one we caught was literally just this past August”

Talk about a beast of a fish… I hope my next vacation goes similar to this one.


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A beer bottle on a dock