John Hinckley Jr., The Man Who Attempted To Assassinate Ronald Reagan, Just Sold Out A Show In Brooklyn

John Hinckley et al.
John Hinckley Jr.

Well I think I’ve officially seen it all…

If you were around back in 1981, you probably remember where you were or what you were doing when you first heard the news that President Ronald Reagan had been shot.

The would-be assassin was a man named John Hinckley Jr., and it would later be revealed that Hinckley shot Reagan in an attempt to win the love of actress Jodie Foster. It didn’t work…

Hinckley was ultimately found not guilty by reason of insanity and transferred to a psychiatric hospital for treatment, where he was to remain until the courts found that he no longer posed a danger to himself or others.

With that being said, Hinckley was granted unconditional release in September of 2021 has decided to turn a new page in his life, as he’s writing and playing country music now, believe it or not.

And to make the story even crazier, the dude just SOLD OUT a Brooklyn venue this summer, according to TMZ.

The place is called the Market Hotel, and it appears as though there are no more seats available for the performance, and this ain’t no tiny 100-person dive bar the guy is playing at.

With tickets going for $20 a pop, the venue holds up to 450 people, so he’s gonna have himself a decent sized crowd.

The man has been dedicated to his music for quite some time now following his release from a Virginia Psych Ward back in 2016, and he even released a song earlier this year.

On top of that, he even claims to have started his own record label in the past few months, called Emporia Records.

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