Get Familiar With Kaitlin Butts Ahead Of The Release Of Her New Album, ‘What Else Can She Do’

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Mackenzie Ryan

Kaitlin Butts is not only one of the most underrated artists on the Texas/Red Dirt scene, but she’s one of the most underrated in all of country music.

I think that could change soon, though, with the release of her new album entitled What Else Can She Do set for release on Friday, April 15th.

If the singles that have already been released are any indication, this album is sure to be one of the best of the year.

Butts, an Oklahoma native, is a country music powerhouse with vocals equally as compelling as her songwriting is impressive. After she crashed into the country music scene, making her name known with the 2015 debut album Same Hell, Different Devil, it took four years before a new single, and two more before the next in 2021.

Shortly thereafter, she began releasing singles for the upcoming album. It’s safe to say the suspense has been building for another album for quite some time.

While her catalog is still fairly shallow, there is no lack of depth in her music. The songs that she has released over the years showcase the combination of her heartfelt lyrics and passionate vocals that makes her music so spectacular.

With that being said, here are some of my favorite songs she has released prior to this upcoming album.

If for some unfortunate reason you are not familiar with her music yet, let this be your introduction so that you are prepared for the release of what else can she do. Otherwise, keep listening to these tunes to get you excited for this masterpiece to hit Spotify soon.

“White River”

Butt’s first release years after her debut album, 2019’s “White River” is a hard driving murder ballad, and it’s one of my favorites.

“Twenty-some-odd years has been more than enough
It’s time to pay for what you’ve done
Lookin’ at you now, you don’t seem to be so tough
Starin’ down the barrel of a gun…”

“How Lucky Am I”

The only other single she has released that won’t be included on her upcoming album is a love song to her husband Cleto Cordero, the talented frontman of Flatland Cavalry.

“Wild Rose”

My personal favorite off of her debut album Same Hell, Different Devil. This love song is written to perfection.

“She got on the bus, said, ‘I just can’t stay’
She didn’t look back as they pulled away
But the hummin of the tires couldn’t drown out the words she heard him say
Right there beside the road, she saw a wild rose
And it bloomed right where God had planted it on and old, rusty barbed wire fence

And all of a sudden it all made sense when he said
‘Baby, you can bloom no matter where you are
You don’t have to live in the sky to be a star
You don’t have to be a sun to shine
Baby, just be mine’”

“Gal Like Me”

And while you’re checking those out be sure to check out the three singles she’s already released for what else can she do – “Blood,” “It Won’t Always Be This Way,” and my personal favorite Kaitlin Butts song, “Marfa Lights.”

Here is the full tracklist, with the songwriter(s) in parentheses, as Butts released on Instagram.

What Else Can She Do

“It Won’t Always Be This Way” (Kaitlin Butts)

“Bored If I Don’t” (Kaitlin Butts)

“What Else Can She Do” (Kaitlin Butts)

“Jackson” (Kaitlin Butts)

“She’s Using” (Kaitlin Butts, Mando Saenz)

“Blood” (Kaitlin Butts, Angaleena Presley)

“In The Pines” (traditional)

There is even rumored to be a Cleto Cordero feature on one of these…

Go listen to Kaitlin Butts, and prepare yourself for what should be one of the best albums of 2022 to be released on Friday, April 15th.

You’re not going to want to miss it…

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