Three-Year Old Pops Wild Turkey With Nerf Gun From Impressive The Distance

Start ’em young.

It’s always when you’re not actually hunting that crazy things happen. Of course, when you’re actually after them, turkeys make it a little bit more difficult.

The little guy is going to be a well-trained hunter though… three-years old and already running after turkeys with a gun at full speed, literally.

The young boy comes running with a neon green Nerf gun loaded in-hand. His father directs him towards a turkey that is at a feeder having a snack.

The boy makes a not so graceful attempt to get within range of the bird. It works despite a few hiccups along the way. When he goes to fire it won’t work and his father has to come help.

The man gets the gun all figured out and fires it. Miss.

He gets it loaded again and lines the kid up and you can see the bullet lob through the air towards the bird.

It’s a hit!

The man loses it laughing, perfectly summing up the almost unbelievable sequence. The 3-year old actually hit the turkey with a Nerf gun.

Kid is a hunting prodigy….

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