Rapper Jack Harlow Wants To Collab With Dolly Parton: “I Want To Put Her On Some Hard Sh*t”

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Well, this is a collab I couldn’t have ever imagined in my lifetime.

Rapper and apparently, a Miller Lite aficionado, Jack Harlow is a 24-year-old Louisville, Kentucky, native who’s quickly becoming a superstar in the industry. Known for hits like “What’s Poppin’,” “First Class” and more, he also has a big time collaboration with Lil Nas X, called “Industry Baby,” that’s gone stupid viral with over a billion streams on Spotify.

However, it appears the rapper is looking for another feature, and it’s not with somebody you’d expect…

That’s right, it’s country music icon Dolly Parton.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he admitted that his team has even talked to Dolly’s team about the two making music together.

He said:

“I want to put her on some hard sh*t.”

Could you imagine? Dolly in a rap song? With Jack Harlow?

Although, bite your tongue Jack… Dolly already on some hard shit. You ever heard “Jolene”?

So, while Jack wants a duet with Dolly (like everybody else in music, anywhere), it doesn’t look like too many folks are up for a Jack Harlow

Harlow has an album dropping May 6 called Come Home The Kids Miss You, so we may have something to keep our eyes out for here in a few weeks.

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