Koe Wetzel Takes A Shot With A Fan Who Just Got Dumped After Seeing Her Sign In The Crowd: “F*ck That Motherf*cker”

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Koe Wetzel is on heartbreak repair duty.

He brought a fan on his bus after a recent show, where he’d spotted her in the crowd holding a sign that read:

“Just got dumped! Take a shot with me!”

He recently posted a TikTok of their meeting, where he hugged the girl while she’s already bawling, and you can visibly see him try to crawl out of his skin, saying:

“Nice to meet you, you doin’ alright? What are you cryin’ for? I can’t do cryin’, I’ll start cryin’.”

They chat for a few minutes, before the poor girl looks at the camera, still visibly emotional for probably a multitude of different reasons, and says:

“Getting dumped was the best thing that’s ever fucking happened to me.”

I mean, I’m sure that’s not necessarily 100% true (she probably still went home and ate a pint of chocolate ice cream, if I had to guess), but a great attitude to have nonetheless.

Koe chimed in when she showed the camera her sign, reading aloud the note he’d written on it:

“The sign says, ‘Fuck that motherfucker.'”

He also elaborated on what caught his attention when he saw her holding it in the audience:

“I was lookin’ over to my left, and I see you over there with it, and I was like, damn, that sucks.”

It was a really sweet gesture, and I’m sure made this girls night to be able to meet Koe and take a shot with him after what was likely a pretty shitty last few days for her.

Though he often portrays a bad-boy, rockstar image on stage, it’s cool to get a peak at the person he really is aside from that persona.

Who knew Koe would be out here mending broken hearts on his North American headlining tour:

Make sure you check out his newest single, “April Showers”, if you haven’t already:

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