Toby Keith’s Dallas Cowboys Monday Night Football Intro From The ’90s Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Is it football season yet?

Granted I know we have the final round of The Masters on today, baseball is back and NASCAR is in full swing, but there’s just something about football season that hits different.

And there’s something about Monday Night Football intros from the ’90s that hit WAY different.

Man, can we just spin it back to the ’90s, please? We’re talking the good ol’ days of permed mullets, flannels with the cut off sleeves, the radio actually played country music, and oh yeah… the Dallas Cowboys were actually America’s team.

Speaking of the Cowboys, I struck gold this morning by finding this legendary Monday Night Football video, that has been lost in time.

And who does the video feature?

Toby Keith himself.

Coming off his 1993 hit “Should’ve Been A Cowboy,” the NFL and the Cowboys took the bull by the horns and saw a great opportunity to feature the hit song in their Monday Night Football intro.

In the video, Keith, rocking a badass permed mullet and a sweet vintage Cowboys jacket, twists the lyrics to his own song, as he sings about all the Cowboy greats at the time.

We’re talking Emmett Smith, Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, and every other player who made the organization the most fun to watch in the league at the time.

Simpler times man, simpler times.

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