Tiger Woods’ Original “Tiger Slam” Irons Sell For A Record-Setting $5,156,162

Tiger Woods swinging a golf club
Donald Miralle/Getty IMages

Talk about some serious cash.

Back in 2000-2001, Tiger Woods won four straight major championships, in what would later be known as the famous “Tiger Slam.”

With that being said, the Titleist 681-T irons that he used to win the Tiger Slam just sold at Golden Age Auctions for a massive bag…

We’re talking a record $5,156,162, according to the ESPN.

Private equity investor Todd Brock was the owner of the iron set, and put them up for sale at the auction.

He originally purchased them in 2010 at an auction for $57,242 from Titleist vice president of player promotions Steve Mata.

Brock told ESPN:

“I’ve had them for 12 years now, and I haven’t told anybody that I owned them. They were in a really nice frame in my office and I’m not an investor in memorabilia, so nobody was seeing the irons.

I’ve had the opportunity to see these for 12 years and it’s like a Rembrandt, where somebody takes it to their castle and it’s never seen again.

I felt blessed that I got to hang out with them and look at them, but it’s time for somebody else to do something bigger and better with them.”

Brock admits that he’s a Tiger super fan, and the only other thing he’s ever purchased at an auction was a meet-and-greet with Garth Brooks.

When Mata put the irons up for sale, he submitted a polygraph test to prove the clubs were authentic, and passed.

Brock also did some behind-the-scenes research to see if the clubs were truly Tiger’s himself, and everything led him to believe they were.

Over the years, Woods’ memorabilia has continued to rise in value, as one of his backup Scotty Cameron putters sold at Golden Age Auctions for $393,000 last year.

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