Dad Hooks Sons Hat Fishing, Hurling It Into The Water… Ends It With Classic Dad Line


Every fisherman has hooked something they didn’t mean to. Whether it was a tree, you’re shirt, finger or the bottom of the lake. It happens to everyone… one of the risks of the trade.

Sometimes those accidents are minor, sometimes the hurt, and sometimes, they’re just funny.

Here we have just a father and son fishing, nothing better for making memories. They are both casting away in hopes of a big one and a story to tell.

Well, they got a good one.

The father pulls back for a cast and off goes his sons hat out into the water.

Thankfully it didn’t hook his son, but he father laughs as he realizes its all been caught on tape. In proper dad fashion, he makes his son pick the hat he threw in the water, out himself.

It’s hard to hear anything they’re saying until the end when the father comes through with the best Dad quote I’ve heard in a while as he lets out a good old dad chuckle.

“Do you realize if you had of done that to me, right now I’d be beating your ass?”

It’s funny because it’s so true.

We’ve all had something similar happen though. Myself, the worst was a large fly, whipping up from a long cast square behind the ear. Gotta love fishin’.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock