Georgia Man Casually Stands On Porch While Tornado Rips The Roof Clean Off: “There Went The Roof”

A large room with a large wall of fire and debris

This is a real life scene from Twister.

According to First Coast News, Cliff Horton was sitting outside of his local golf course in Ellabell, a small town in Southeast Georgia, when a massive tornado swept through. The storm tragically killed one, and injured nine others, but someone, how Cliff wasn’t one of them.

Call it a miracle, call it whatever you want… but the guy captured the most insane first-hand footage of a tornado that I’ve ever seen.

Locked out from safety in the golf course clubhouse, he decided to film the wild scene (and quite possibly his own death), where the tornado went right over the clubhouse, taking off parts of the roof.

Perhaps the craziest part of the video, is when he casually says:

“There went the roof.”


“Look at that… Crazy. Trees falling down.”

Dude, you’re standing in a TORNADO!?

I know he was locked out, but maybe get down, cover your head, do something other than record your very imminent death? I mean, the roof of the building you’re standing under is getting ripped off and all you can say it “there went the roof?”

Nerves of STEEL…

Just insane…

Here’s a shot of the aftermath:

First Coast news provides a little more detail:

Horton’s stepdaughter shared the video on Twitter, and is going viral:

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