Luke Combs Teases “Special Announcement” Next Week With A Countdown Clock On His Website

Luke Combs country music
Zack Massey

Is Luke Combs finally gearing up to announce LC3?

Last month, Luke hinted that his third studio album was almost finished.

And he’s dropped a few teasers of studio versions for some unreleased new songs, like “Tomorrow Me,” “The Kind of Love We Make” and “Five Leaf Clover,” which he performed at the Grand Ole Opry earlier this year.

Well now it seems like the countdown is officially on to a big announcement.

Luke added a countdown clock to his website, teasing a “Special Announcement” coming next Wednesday, April 13 at 9 AM eastern time.

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Now, could he just be announcing a new single? Sure. But with as much music as Luke’s been teasing lately, I don’t think his big announcement would be just one song.

And Luke’s already announced a stadium tour, although I suppose he could be adding more dates – but to add a countdown to a “special announcement” just to add dates to a tour that’s already been announced doesn’t seem like it would make much sense either.

Which leaves only one conclusion: I’ve got a feeling we’ll be finding out much more about LC3 next week, so stay tuned.

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