Crafty Fisherman Catches Beauty Largemouth Bass With Only Minnows And His Bare Hands

Nothing beats an old fisherman’s trick.

They just always seem to have something up their sleeve ya haven’t seen before.

Once you see this one through, you can tell this guy had a plan.

The video starts with the man flipping minnows over in his hands, and it really seems like he’s trying to bring them back to life.

But that couldn’t be more wrong. You see a big ol’ bass come out of no where to grab one of the minnows, and he lunges and gets ahold of the fish perfectly grabbing its lower lip.

He struggles for a minute as you watch another beauty bass come and grab the second minnow. He then pills it up and the person filming gets it

“Wow, monster, monster”

Ain’t that the truth… it certainly is a monster.

The old man laughs about it and throws it back in the pond… it isn’t his first rodeo.

Granted, it looks like this may be his private pond where he probably has a habit a hand-feeding his big ol’ bass, but either way, he’s got the ultimate fishing bragging rights… the fish whisperer.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock