Madonna Creeps Everybody The F*ck Out With Latest, Bizarre TikTok Video


I have a sneaking suspicion that if you look Madonna in the eyes in this video, you might turn to stone.

When these former teenage heartthrobs and pop star sex symbols start to get up there in age, they’re gonna do whatever they can to make sure they maintain that same look that they boasted years and years ago.

And these superstars have the money and resources to do it, I get it.

But at some level is just starts to get weird…

Like, 63-year-old Madonna doesn’t actually look like this right?

Okay, I don’t get this at all. This is just weird as shit.

Madonna is now 63-years-old, and I’ll admit, she still looks pretty good for a woman of her age, considering she was an absolute smoke show back in the ’80s. I mean, she may be the most iconic sex symbols the music industry has ever produced.

However, fans have continued to comment on the apparent plastic surgery and immense photoshopping she does to her photos.

She posted a TikTok leading up to last night’s Grammy Awards, and the internet is dumbfounded. In the video, she’s wearing a shit ton of silver chains with her hair in braids, and she creepily moves her face closer and closer to the screen before blowing a kiss.

Not gonna lie, she looks like something straight outta The Conjuring in this one.

As for her fans, a number of them commented:

“Completely unsettling.”

“Great! How am I supposed to close my eyes and fall asleep now!?”

“This honestly scared me I’m not gonna lie”

“I’ve loved Madonna since I was little… huge fan… love her… but this is a hard pass… what has she done to herself?”

“Madonna love, what is this?”

Well, I guess you be the judge:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock