Billy Strings Shares Full Performance Of “Hide & Seek” From Grammy Awards

Billy strings country music
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For anybody who was watching the Grammy Awards last night simply to watch Billy Strings rock the stage, you were shit outta luck.

The innovative bluegrass artist only got about 15-seconds of performance footage before the Grammys decided to smack Billy Strings, and every bluegrass fan in the world across the face worse than Will Smith did to Chris Rock, by cutting to a commercial break.

Granted, we caught some more of then end, but good God, who’s running this thing?

Now I may be biased as a country and bluegrass fan, but for my money, Billy Strings and his band are arguably the most talented individuals to step foot on stage last night.

Just a damn travesty.

Alright, enough of my rant… the fact that Billy is even there performing is a HUGE step forward for bluegrass music.

So, although we never got to see the full performance live last night, luckily enough, the man posted the full performance to his Instagram today for us all to enjoy.

Playing “Hide and Seek” from his latest album Renewal, Strings and his band put on an immaculate show, and had everybody in the crowd and on their feet, stompin’ their high heels and Louis Vuitton loafers (probably).

You don’t wanna miss this:

And the studio version…

“Hide & Seek”

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