‘Saturday Night Live’ Takes Aim At Will Smith With New “Seat Fillers” Oscars Spoof

It ain’t a secret that Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars was the talk of the world last week.

It might go down as the wildest moment in Academy Awards ceremony history for this generation.

With everybody and their mama commenting on the crazy incident, naturally, Saturday Night Live had to do a bit on it, and I’ll admit, it’s pretty damn funny.

In the spoof, Jerrod Carmichael plays a wide-eyed seat filler who finds himself seated directly behind Will Smith (Chris Redd) at the Oscars.

Star struck, he tells Smith that he’s his biggest fan, and how much his career has meant to him.

Smith awkwardly acknowledges his questions and laughs them off, and right when Carmichael asks him for a selfie, Smith says:

“Hey, I’ll be right back man!”

You can hear Chris Rock in the background make the G.I. Jane joke, and sure enough Smith gets up and slaps Rock, and sits right back down like nothing happened.

In total shock, Carmichael finds himself walking on egg shells while trying to talk to Smith, as he interrupts him multiple times to say:

“Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth!”

Check it out:

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