Michigan Man Hilariously Waves Deer Safely Across The Road Like A Pedestrian

Town deer are just a different breed.

They are more comfortable with humans to a point that can be super funny.

Case in point, this guy giving a few lagging deer the pedestrian wave through like a he’s talking to a couple people at a stop sign.

This man is driving down a hill in upper Michigan talking about the deer in his town, and right on cue, you can see a few deer crossing the road.

Winter always makes for bad driving conditions but its even worse when you have deer running out in front of you.

The man is talking out loud to the deer like children, which seems to be just be for the comedy of the video, until he stops his car and rolls down the window.

The man makes hand motions to the deer trying to cross the road.

“Come on, come on, hurry up…

You think I’m kidding, I’m not joking. These deer listen to ya”

As he drives away into oncoming traffic after getting them across safety he shrugs it all off as another in his life.

“You’re welcome…

Bet you’ve never seen that in your life, have ya?”

Well, this guy is a deer whisper… that’s the only conclusion I can come to because they actually listened to him.

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