Big Ol’ 500-Pound Black Bear Gets Trapped And Relocated In Tennessee

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Black Bears are such a smart animal. If they find a food source they stick to it, often times utilizing the stupidity and generosity of humans to their advantage.

I’m sure this event was no different. Especially since this particular bear had been named.

Naming wild animals only happens with multiple encounters, not to every typical run of the mill bear.

Black Bears have to earn their names properly, with a lot of hard work. Just like Hank the Tank.

Typically, when the relocation of Bear happens it is well deserved as they can often times be huge trouble makers when they arrive into a place where people are living.

If you’re in bear country, you know to keep garbage locked away or they’ll have it spread across the door yard with every chip crumb licked up out of the mess.

Southern Living says Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency refers to this guy as ‘Big Bruin,’ and the TWRA had a Facebook post about the incident as well. According to Wildlife Sgt. David Carpenter, the bear had been getting into garbage, bird seed and pet food for a few years.

The agency decided it was time to trap the bear before to much property damaged occurred, following multiple complaints. They called in the Greeneville Fire Department to help out.

And the capture turned into quite the event.

This bear has been eating GOOD… I mean, that’s a big boy right there. It’s no wonder they called in for help with him.

Big Bruin was tranquilized in a neighborhood and pulled into a live trap to be transported. The team took him to a remote area in the mountains well away from any residential areas. Now he can eat good food instead of people’s garbage.

This is typical for this time of year when bears are coming out of hibernation and really foraging looking for anything at all to eat.

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