Tom Segura Goes OFF On Will Smith: “I Have F*cking Zero Respect For That B*tch… It’s Unacceptable”

Tom Segura
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I think I’m stating the obvious when I say everybody from the most popular of celebrities, to ol’ Ricky, the local meth-head who sleeps at the 7/11, have stated their opinion on the Will Smith and Chris Rock incident.

A ton have supported Smith’s move, and a ton have supported Rock.

For me, I’m just kicking back, eating my popcorn, and watching the shitshow continue to unfold.

It’s been the talk of the world for the past week, and as much as I thought it would’ve died down by now, people are still talking about it like it happened two hours ago.

With that being said, the latest celebrity to throw his ten cents in on the topic is comedian Tom Segura.

He recently joined The Pat McAfee Show, and needless to say, he had some choice words for Will Smith.

When asked about the topic, Segura responded:

“Fuck that cuck… let me tell you this, man. The idea that you’re entitled ass thinks because your feelings are hurt, you get to assault one of the all-time greats? And then the cowards, the spineless cowards that are in Hollywood, in comedy… we have a list of these fucking guys.

Anybody who did not stand up and say some shit for Chris Rock, we’re going to ruin you’re fucking life, I just want you to know that.”

This seems to be the popular opinion amongst comedians, as we saw Jim Carrey call Hollywood “spineless” as well while weighing in on the incident earlier this week.

He continued:

“It’s a display of entitlement. It’s a very powerful, very wealthy, influential star who just decided ‘yeah, I didn’t like that, I’m gonna smack you.’ And then gets to sit down, collect his award, get a round of applause, enjoy his night… it’s insane.

It’s like a gross exaggeration… you see it all the time. I mean, you see entitlement everywhere and that was on full display for the world to see.

I have fucking zero respect for that bitch, and I feel like more people need to come out and say it. It’s unacceptable.”

And I’d think twice before you come up on Tom’s stage:

“I’ll bite your fucking face off… I’ll disembowel you in front of your family if you come on my stage.”


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