Muscadine Bloodline Show Off Incredible Harmonies With Acoustic Video For “Down In Alabama”

A group of men playing guitars

Just go ahead and give me a case of Busch Light and a playlist of Muscadine Bloodline acoustic sets every weekend for the rest of my life, and I’ll die a happy man.

There’s just some artists who put out music that remind you of home, and if you live in the southeast, that’s Muscadine Bloodline for you.

The duo is coming off of their latest album, Dispatch to 16th Ave., which is a full blown traditional country record to its core, and some of their best work to date in my opinion.

However, when the two drop these acoustic renditions of their songs, it hits different on a whole new level.

Today they dropped their latest acoustic video, and this one’s paying tribute to their home state with “Down in Alabama” off the new album.

The song itself depicts the perfect imagery of a small southern town setting, and when you cut it down to the harmonies of Gary and Charlie, it really is something special.

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A beer bottle on a dock