Buck Breaks Into Church, Loses His Mind Trying To Get Out

Deer are a funny animal, year after year there’s videos and stories of them getting into crazy predicaments.

Running through a Walmart, crashing through the window at a salon… imagine you go hear something in the other room and head over to check it out only to find a buck losing its mind because it somehow ended up inside..

A woman in Michigan heard some noises in the sanctuary of her church, and it’s a good thing she had the phone handy because it’s great footage.

The video starts walking through the church with the sound of something banging in the back ground. The women walks into the sanctuary and screams very loudly as you see a buck on the stairs jumping for all he is worth.

“OH MY WORD, oh my word, what is happening? That is a buck! No don’t go up there, don’t go up there.”

The buck runs up the stairs to the upper deck as the women comes in the room closer. The deer frantically runs back and forth trying to figure out his next move.

If I was involved, I think I might tryo to catch this one. It would be nice to have a buck like him on a leash.

The real question is, how did he get in? The women videotaping spills the details.

“He went through the window in the auditorium”  

The deer runs down the stairs and hops right back out as if he always knew how to get out.

Buck needs Jesus…

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