Carrie Underwood Brings Her Mom On Stage At Las Vegas Residency To Sing Country Hit, “All-American Girl”

Who knew mama Underwood could sing, too?

Carrie Underwood brought her mom, Carole, up on stage over the weekend during a show at her Las Vegas residency, Reflection, to sing “All-American Girl”.

Co-written by Carrie along with Ashley Gorley and Kelley Lovelace, it was the second single from Carrie’s 2007 album Carnival Ride, eventually peaking at #1 on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Songs chart.

When Carrie asked her mom if there was “anything you want to say to these fine people?”, Carole responded:

“I’m so happy you’re here, and I hope you enjoy the show.”

And while it was more like a karaoke session than full-blown professional performance, it’s adorable to see the two of them up there singing together. And you can tell Carrie comes by her natural stage presence honestly, because Carole jumped right in like it was nothin’, belting out every line she could in between their laughter.

Carrie later shared a sweet Instagram post about the moment, noting just how important her mom has been throughout her career and the advice she gave her way back at the beginning of her country music journey on American Idol:

“‘If you wanna go, I’ll take you.’ These might have been the most pivotal words anyone has ever spoken to me.

I was busy talking myself out of trying out for American Idol and my mom said these words…the rest is history.

Tonight, I got to sing with her on stage in front of the most incredible crowd in #LasVegas. Life sure is amazing! Thanks, Mom, for everything!”

Check it out:

It’s always been one of my favorite Carrie songs, and I’ve always thought it was one of her best music videos, too… it’s very 2008, but just works:

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