Urban Fisherman Reels In Some Big Ol’ Northern Pike In Downtown Toronto

Sometimes we forget that before we built all these things, fish and wildlife roamed the water and land before us.

In large cities its even easier to forget that they were once there, let alone possibly still live where they can. You might not think of urban city centers like Toronto ideal fishing spots, but these animals adapt to their surroundings pretty well, there are lots in urban areas.

I’m sure glad I found this video though, because now if I’m ever in Toronto catching a show or a game, I know I’ll be able to find some decent fishing nearby.

This fisherman can be seen downtown with the CN Tower and Rogers Center in the back ground fighting a fish.

He fights it for a minute and then pulls a decent Northern Pike right at the waterfront of the city. Dustin John Pearl posted the video to TikTok, with a few others downtown also, and apparently, it was his brother-in-law with the nice catch.

Honestly, it makes sense that there’s nice fish there, it just isn’t something you associate with cities like this.

Definitely trying this out in the next city I end up in.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock