Man Child Raises Hell Over His Movie Seat, Hilariously Reminds Staff: “I Still Think I’m Being The Bigger Person”

When you go to movie theater, you always have to keep in mind that it’s one of the most diverse place on the planet, AKA… you’re probably gonna encounter some weirdos, or assholes.

And in this instance, we got a two for one.

Let me take you to Royal Oak, Michigan, where the weirdo assholes spend their time berating theater workers and being an absolute nuisance to people simply trying to watch a movie.

In the video, you hear the guy raising hell because they have assigned seating in this specific theater, and a worker is telling him to get in his correct seat.

After he refuses and causes a massive scene for no reason at all, another worker comes up and tells him that he’s going to have to leave, but he’ll get a refund.

Finally, he decides to stop being an embarrassment to his family, and agrees.

Of course, he does proceed to remind the worker how “great” he handled the situation, by saying:

“I still think I’m being the bigger person here.”

Yeah, okay buddy.

Even though you took your first L by deciding to show up to the theater after dressing like a Metallica version of The Wiggles.

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