Fish Falls From Sky And Damages Car: “It Sounded Like A Gunshot”

The hell?

Flying fish is something that’s always joked about, but when it became a reality? A little frightening to say the least…

Unfortunately, in this case, it wasn’t some new phenomenon and it caused some damage.

However, it is pretty funny.

The video shows a fish coming flying from the sky and hitting a car parked on the road full speed.

A few moments later the neighbor comes out and walks across the road to where it happened. Realizes that it is a fish on the ground and is completely rattled, as one should be.

Now, when you re-watch the video, you can notice a bird flying at the start of the video. At least that is probably the answer to how the fish was flying. The bird lost out on its lunch.

Viral Hog says that it did some damage to the car it hit and the noise it made on impact was quite a bit louder than heard in the video.

“Car was parked. A claim was already pending on another part of the car that got damaged, and then the fish fell from the sky and bent the spoiler. The neighbors said it sounded like a gunshot and they came over to investigate and saw the fish and knocked on our door

We said ‘Yeah right, a fish fell from the sky??’ So we searched the ring video and saw the fish fall from the sky and hit the car. I had to call StateFarm and make another claim, at least we had the video to prove this story”

Can you imagine that phone call with insurance? Neither can I but it would hilarious, especially knowing going into the call that you have proof, video proof at that of what happened.

That’s something else for sure. The odds of this happening are so slim, the odds of it being caught on video are slimmer.

Head on a swivel people…


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