Certified Lunatic Wants To Fight Mike Tyson At Comedy Club, Pulls Gun On Host, And Iron Mike… Chills Everybody Out With A Hug?

Mike Tyson… the peacemaker?

Go back 20 years ago, and the famed boxer would rip a man’s head clean off, chew it up, and spit it back out if given the opportunity.

However, the man has now discovered the powers of toad venom, and voila, he’s the most chill guy on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, he can still smash heads, but these days, cooler heads prevail.

A prime example of this occurred recently, when video footage has shown a man pulling a gun at a comedy club in Hollywood while he was trying to get Tyson’s attention.

According to TMZ, this raging lunatic was trying to get Iron Mike to fight him (terrible idea), and when the host of the comedy club tried to throw him out of there, he did the unthinkable.

He pull a gun from his waistband, cocked it, and that sent people ducking.

And how did Tyson respond?

No, he doesn’t charge at the man and send him in the afterlife… rather, he let the dude with the gun talk, as he sat there in silence and heard him out, and then… gave him a hug?

Eventually, another person told the gun toting dude to leave.

In fears that the man was lurking outside of the comedy club, waiting to start controversy, people began to file out of the establishment, including Tyson after awhile.

Absolutely bananas…

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