UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal Charged With Felony Battery After Reportedly Fracturing Colby Covington’s Tooth Outside Miami Steakhouse

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UFC fighter Colby Covington obliterated Jorge Masvidal earlier this month at UFC 272, but it appears that Masvidal wasn’t ready for the fight to end on the big stage.

According to ESPN, Masvidal has been charged with felony battery, after he attacked Covington outside of a Miami Beach hotspot called Papi Steak late last night.

Covington was struck twice in the face, fracturing his tooth, and he also suffered an abrasion to his left wrist.

Under Marsy’s Law, the victim can’t be identified, but video obtained by TMZ has surfaced of Covington surrounded by Miami Beach Police, and most are pretty certain he was the victim in the altercation.

You can hear Covington say to the police:

“He’s over here swinging, trying to come at me, and I ran… how would he know I’m here?”

Masvidal also tagged Covington in a tweet with a video saying:

“You talk that sh*t, you got to back it up. That’s how my city rolls, man.”

The victim told police at 10:55 PM ET that he was attacked by Masvidal while he was walking away from the restaurant.

The victim noted that Masvidal ran up from his left and sucker-punched him twice.

He noted that the culprit also said:

“You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids.”

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