Parker McCollum Shares Unreleased New Song That “Probably Won’t Ever Make It On An Album”

Parker McCollum country music

Parker McCollum isn’t messin’ around with this one.

He posted an acoustic video of a fantastic unreleased song on Instagram earlier today, and it’s a stone cold country heartbreaker.

He said in the caption that he wrote it yesterday with Wade Bowen and The Warren Brothers, and that it reminds him of sad old country songs he listened to growing up. He also mentioned that he doubts the song will ever make it on a tracklist for a record, but in my opinion, it’s exactly the kind of song that needs to be on his next album:

“I still try all the time to write songs that sound like the ones I grew up loving. Just sad old country songs.

Wade Bowen and The Warren Brothers stopped by the house yesterday and we messed around with this one. Probably won’t ever make it on an album but I still love it.”

Check it out:

I mean, c’mon… that little vocal run at the end on the line “heads you win, tails I lose” is so reminiscent of Randy Travis back in the day.

And while it’s not likely we’ll be getting anything new from him this year in terms of an album, as he just released his major label debut Gold Chain Cowboy last year, consider this post my official plea that, one day, this song does see the light of day and make it on some sort of Parker record or project.

Please and thank you.

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