3-Year-Old Alaskan Boy Reels In Monster Fish

There’s just something about seeing videos of young kids experiencing the great outdoors.

Making great memories, learning along the way and having a good time… it’s even better when these kids end up with something just spectacular.

You know it’s going to have them hooked for life.

This video shows one of these awesome moments.

A family is out fishing in Nikiski, Alaska, and it starts out with a young kid fishing. Then his father has some words that make you realize what’s happening.

“You’ve got a good one buddy”

You see the fish thrashing about as it gets closer to shore. The only thought you have is this little lad is too small for a fish like that.

Oh no, he is not… this ain’t this youngster’s first rodeo.

“You’ve got a fighter”

Young Taijge here, the boy who’s pulling it in, is just three years old, and his parents cheer him on and coach from farther back. Darren, his 11-year-old brother comes into net the fish for him.

The fish won’t come without a fight, making it even better. Taijge’s parents help him keep the rod up as his brother gets it in the net and pulls a beautiful fish up onto shore.

That’s what it all about right there.

The boy takes a couple good wipeouts on shore, but it doesn’t matter because he just reeled in a big one. He gets up with a big ol’ smile as his mother gets him to come check out his catch.

Taijge’s mother summed it up for us.

“My son Tajge, pronounced Tage, who is only three years old was out doing one of his favorite activities, fishing, in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

With the help of his older brother, 11-year-old Darren, on net duty. Enjoying the last weekend before school starts”

Not a bad way to spend the weekend before heading back to school.

I feel like these boys will be catching a lot more fish through the years, especially starting at 3… start ’em young.

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