Why All Sunday Hunting Restrictions Need To End


In the U.S., there are ten states that at least have restrictions against Sunday hunting, with two of them being completely prohibited.

But, why?

With all the other states having no restrictions, what is the difference? I can tell you the difference is only massive loses to each of the states.

And let’s be real, modern times call for new solutions. People aren’t the same and don’t have the same habits that were in place during the time these laws came into place.

All the states included in the restrictions are on the north eastern side of the country. Also, a coincidence that they are that close.

I mean, I’m sure we can all remember a time where things were closed on Sunday, but no hunting really puts the average hunter at a disadvantage and ultimately hurts the economy.

Not everyone has weeks off work or private land to hunt. Some hunters only get 2 available days during the week, then to have one of those restricted. That’s the real kicker.

NSSF says some states like Virginia are working on changing the rules and regulations around Sunday hunting. But let’s make it so they all do.

The truth is, some areas are still against it and I just can’t understand. The Maine Wire says the idea was recently shot down when it came to a vote.

It poses no more risks to the public than it does any other day, I know that a common argument is one that other users need to be able to feel safe. But the way I see it is that if all hunting regulations are being followed and other users are aware of the season it shouldn’t make any difference, there would be no harm no foul.

Not to mention the economic loses that come from having an unused weekend hunting day not contributing to the economy. That’s a days’ worth of gas, food, ammo and beer for some people.

One Sunday Hunting 2011 study even shows the economic impacts of having the restrictions being 2.2 billion over 11 states. With the potential to create many more jobs. Seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it?

The part that gets me is there are states that allow it on private land but not public… that’s a disadvantage if I’ve ever hear of one. Why make it confusing and unfair, just simply have the same rules 7 days a week for hunting season.

Let’s stop the madness and be realistic. If you’re going to allow hunting it only logically makes sense to allow it 7 days a week during the seasons. Especially on public land, it is the only fair option for hunters. Above it even being fair for the hunters, the economic contributions are pretty clear too. There is no real reason to not have hunting on this day other than tradition, to which I say lets start a new one.

Let’s hope we continue to see these changes for the benefit of everyone.

Havesting Nature via the NRA
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