Jamey Johnson Invited To Become A Member Of The Grand Ole Opry

Bill Anderson et al. on a stage

Looks like Jamey Johnson has made his last guest appearance at the Grand Ole Opry.

The next time he steps out into the circle, it will be as the newest member of the country music institution.

Jamey was surprised with the news during his appearance tonight at the Opry, when Bill Anderson pointed out that Johnson had been making “5 or 6” guest appearances on the show for 17 years – and that this one would be his last.

Knowing what was coming, Jamey joked:

“I’ve been kicked out of a whole lot of places in my life.”

Of course it was quite the opposite of being kicked out, and the crowd roared as Johnson received his long-overdue invitation to join the Grand Ole Opry.

And it was clearly an honor that meant a lot to Johnson: When told that he needed to say “Yes” to the invitation, Jamey remarked:

“I accepted it 20 years ago. I really don’t know what to say except the obvious. I love country music. I would have never moved here if it wasn’t for that; for the Opry keeping it alive and for the fans. I love you. Thank you.” 

All I’ve got to say is, it’s about damn time. And Jamey, if you need some new music to perform on the Opry stage, this would be a great excuse to put out that new album.

But until then, I’ll keep spinning the classics:

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