Rob Gronkowski Says He’s Gonna Make Tom Brady Wait Before Announcing Return: “Let Him Have A Little Scare”

Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Looks like Rob Gronkowski is getting his sweet revenge on Tom Brady.

The free agent Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end was convinced by Brady to unretire when he went to the Bucs a couple years back, after originally calling it quits with football after his New England Patriots stint.

Many thought that Gronk would be done with football when Brady retired, but since the famed quarterback is coming back, Gronk is teasing a possible return.

A video has surfaced of the man at a local barber shop in Tampa, saying:

“It’s a very good chance… I’ll let him have a little scare, a couple months without me. He just did it to me for a couple months.”

So that sounds like a pretty convincing statement if you ask me, but I guess we’ll see what the future holds for the iconic quarterback-tight end tandem.

I mean sheesh, Brady is a good 12-years older than Gronk, but he just won’t let the guy hang it up.

Time to cue up the next T-Mobile commercial…

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