Jesse Daniel’s New Single “Little Devil” Is A Certified Twanger

Last week, Jesse Daniel gave us a little taste of his unreleased single “Little Devil” on our weekly Whiskey Riff Spotlight.

The moving lyrics paint the picture of him struggling with addiction for a number of years, until he finally kicked that “little devil” away, but he incorporates some humor and a little bluegrass flavor in there as well.

With that being said, the man has officially released the single for us all to enjoy.

The certified twanger was originally written by cattle rancher and fellow songwriter, Jay Lingo.

Daniel weighed in on the song:

“Years ago I worked for a cattle rancher and fellow songwriter named Jay Lingo for a period of time.

He has a quick sense of humor and we’d laugh and tell stories while we worked. He showed me this song of his and I liked it immediately, so we started performing it live.

It went over well with our crowds and folks started requesting it, so it was top of the list for cover songs to record when we hit the studio.

I love this song and always enjoy when I get to stretch out and use some of my bluegrass guitar chops.”

It’s no secret that Jesse Daniel is one of the best up-and-coming independent country artists in the game right now, and his delivery of this song is further proof that he has everything it takes to become a household name.

Give it a listen:

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A beer bottle on a dock