Chris Stapleton Singing Backup Vocals For Billy Ray Cyrus On ‘The View’ In 2007 Is Such A Mind F*ck

My how the tables have turned.

Let’s throw it back to 2007 real quick…

College football was at its best, cargo shorts were still in full swing, and it was every little girl’s dream to be Hannah Montana when they grew up.

Of course, speaking of Hannah Montana, the Cyrus family were the face of children’s TV programming, as Miley and Billy Ray were the stars of the show.

So, it was no wonder that Billy Ray was given a shot to revive his one hit wonder country music career off of “Achy Breaky Heart,” as he was invited to play during a 2007 segment of The View.

He played his song “Ready, Set, Don’t Go,” a song about Miley growing up off and chasing her dreams, from his 2007 Home At Last album (album was meh).

However, perhaps the wildest part about the segment, was the man singing backup vocals…

It’s none other than Chris Stapleton.

At the time, he was only writing songs and trying to kickstart his singing career as the frontman of The Steeldrivers, but watching this now, we’re all kind of waiting for Chris to let it rip and sing him under the table.

Of course, Chris did his job and didn’t show him up… but it’s still hard to wrap my head around the fact that Chris Stapleton was singing backup for Billy Ray Cyrus. It’s even harder to wrap my head around the fact that Chris didn’t blow up for another EIGHT YEARS.

Here we are 15 years later, and Stapleton is the best singer/songwriter in mainstream country music.

I’d say the times have changed.


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