Want To Have Extra Fun Shooting? Tracer Rounds Might Be The Answer

First of all, who doesn’t love spending an afternoon out in the woods firing off an excessive amount of ammo?

I certainly do. In fact, it’s pretty high up on my list of things to do when it’s not hunting season.

Other than having an extremely great time, it actually serves a purpose… it’s great practice for the field.

Whether you want to be a better shot so you don’t miss the big buck next season, just want to become an elite marksman, or you have a desire to continuously improve your gun skills and knowledge… more shooting is the answer.

Like a lot of things, the more time you spend doing something, the better you will be.

That being said, how can you make it even more fun? Bring in the tracers.

A bullet that lights up in color when fired and makes viewing the bullet move down range possible.

Almost unbelievable when you see it. It looks in videos as you will see below, like its out of a Starwars movie or something along those lines.

They may run a bit more money than the average round, but hey, that’s the cost of turning a great time into an even greater time.

As fun as they just to rattle off as many as you can at once, they also area used some places for hunting. Specifically nighttime hog hunts. Killing as many hogs at once as possible is important in a lot of hog hunting areas, to reduce the population size.

Thankfully, it comes in many calibers as well. From .22LR to 9mm to 30-06 these babies are already out there and waiting for you. Some places especially lately they are harder to come across so if you get the chance jump on it fast.

The only downside to these bad boys is the risk of starting a fire from shooting them. Just use with caution, make sure it isn’t too dry out, and check the local regulations before you set half a state park on fire.

When I watch these videos, I can certainly tell you I’m sold on these and will spend some time having a blast, literally.

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