Tom Brady’s “Last Touchdown Ball” Value Dropped From Over $500K To $50K… Overnight

Tom Brady smiling and pointing

With Tom Brady coming out of retirement, we learned about the poor soul who bought the quarterback’s “last touchdown ball” for over $500 thousand.

On one side, you have a seller that has to feel like the luckiest guy on the planet, and on the other side, the buyer has probably been punching air for the last 36 hours straight.

With that being said, one auction expert now says that the former “last touchdown ball” is only worth $50 thousand, nearly a whopping $460 thousand less than the original sell, according to TMZ.

Of course, it makes sense, because with Brady returning to the NFL, he’s expected to throw at least 30 more touchdown passes over next season’s 17-game regular season stretch.

One source even told TMZ they wouldn’t be surprised if the ball was only worth around $25 thousand.

However, not all hope is lost for the unfortunate buyer, as another source told the outlet that the buyer has a chance to renege on the deal, considering it’s now common knowledge that the ball was falsely advertised.

There’s still no word on who the buyer is, but they’re probably begging for a chance to get that money back…

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