Florida Judge Permanently Blocks Release Of Bob Saget Death Record

Bob saget

A win for the family.

Yesterday, a Florida judge blocked the release to the public of certain records related to Bob Saget’s death yesterday, according to CNN

Ninth Judicial Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu granted the Saget family’s petition for the permanent injunction.

The decision comes nearly a month after Saget’s family filed a lawsuit to block the release of some records.

Saget family attorney Brian Bieber told the outlet:

“The entire Saget family is grateful that the Judge granted their request for an injunction to preserve Bob’s dignity, as well as their privacy rights, especially after suffering this unexpected and tragic loss.

We are pleased this issue has been resolved, and the healing process can continue to move forward. All of the prayers and well wishes continuously extended to the family are beyond appreciated.”

The 65-year-old Full House star and comedian was found dead in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida in January, and Medical Examiners discovered significant trauma to his head, most likely from an accidental fall, caused a brain bleed, resulting in him passing in his sleep.

He had fractures to the back, side, and front of his skull:

“This is significant trauma. This is something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head, or who has fallen from 20 or 30 feet.”

Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo and her three daughters filed the lawsuit last month against the Orange County Sheriff and the medical examiner’s office, requesting that some of the investigation records related to the man’s death should be exempt due to their graphic nature.

The lawsuit stated:

“In the process of these investigations, Defendants created records which include photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, statutorily protected autopsy information, and all other statutorily protected information.

Upon information and belief, some of these Records graphically depict Mr. Saget, his likeness or features, or parts of him, and were made by Defendants during Defendants’ investigations.”

Man, it’s still hard to believe…

RIP to America’s favorite TV dad, and comedian.

Bob’s wife Kelly recently shared this emotional tribute to her late husband:

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