Pennsylvania High School Hockey Player Runs Up Stands To Join Dad Brawl… Facing Charges

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There’s one thing for certain about high school hockey up north…

It’s about equivalent to high school football in the south, and parents and players live and die by the sport year in year out.

And when there’s that much emotion and passion going into something, things can get out of control, and even ugly.

That’s exactly what happened on February 10th in Hamar Township, Pennsylvania, when a Shaler Area High School hockey player fought a Greater Latrobe High School hockey parent.

According to WXPI, Richard Thom and his 17-year-old son are both facing summary harassment and summary disorderly conduct charges in connection with the incident.

The fight happened in the stands at the Alpha Ice Complex after the game, and you can see in the video the Shaler player running up the stands and decking the Latrobe parent, and fans have to separate the two.

Law enforcement said the Latrobe parent wanted to talk to the Shaler player directly about his aggressive play, and needless to say, the family didn’t take that too well.

Mrs. Thom yelled at the parent and pointed her finger at him, and Mr. Thom was having to be restrained by his wife.

That’s when the son took matters into his own hands.

I just hope the kid wasn’t trying to play in college, ’cause he can go ahead and kiss that scholarship goodbye.

Needless to say, his hockey season is done…

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