Man Spent $518,000 On Tom Brady’s Final Touchdown Ball… The Night Before He Announced Comeback

Tom Brady
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Imagine going from being the luckiest guy on this planet, to feeling like a doofus with an empty wallet.

Tom Brady took the world by storm over a month ago, when he announced he would be stepping away from the game of football for good and retiring.

Of course, there were rumors that he would unretire, and he even seemed unsure about it himself.

Needless to say, it wasn’t all that shocking when he announced that he would be coming back for another season and unretiring yesterday.

However, one unlucky fan thought he would have Brady’s last live-game memorabilia, when he bought his last touchdown pass football for a whopping $518,628. And here’s the kicker… he bought it the NIGHT BEFORE Brady announced the comeback.


And then of course:

I mean SHEESH, the man spent over half a mil, just to have a now “random Tom Brady football.”

It’s practically worthless now, and what’s he gonna say if he tries to re-sell it?

“This used to be Tom Brady’s last touchdown ball the first time he retired, so if you have a heart, please buy from me so I don’t feel like I have the worst luck on this planet.”

Tough scene.

Of course, Twitter did their thing and commented on the series of unfortunate events:

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