Eric Church Recalls Thinking He Would Never Play Another Show Again: “Maybe I’m Done”

Eric Church country music

I’ll never forget sitting in my room towards the end of summer 2020, really wondering if the world was ever going to get back to normal again.

What went from “two weeks off from school and work” turned into a cancellation of in-person class and resorting to online courses, along with working remote, and things only proceeded to get worse and worse as the year went on as we saw practically every event imaginable get cancelled.

However, here we are two years later, and things are changing for the better, and we’re all getting that sense of normalcy that many of us thought we would never get to experience again.

Many of us have had a change in perspective and realized we can’t take the good times for granted, and one of those people includes Eric Church.

The country star has just wrapped up shows in Chicago and St. Louis this past weekend, and while he was there, he opened up about how great it was to be playing in front of massive crowds again.

He discussed a time a while back when he was really wondering if he’d ever get to play shows again:

“The world got incredibly weird and complicated, ya know. I remember one night, after about 20-25 garage beers I thought, ‘Maybe I’m done, I’ll never get to do this again.'”

BIG garage beer guy… respect.

“Well ya know what I dreamed about? I didn’t dream about songs, I didn’t dream about cities. I dreamed about this right here. Everybody shoulder to shoulder, beside each other, normal again.”

“We are meant to gather, we’re meant to sing, we’re meant to drink and fellowship, and that’s what tonight’s about.”

Well said Church, well said.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock