Hunting Guide Saves Deer from Freezing River

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Hunters, outdoorsman and fisherman have a strange relationship with the fish and wildlife we chase after.

Ultimately, we love these creatures more than most.

To some it seems contradicting, to others it just makes sense.

It’s always nice when a video of one these folks doing an act that backs this up. CBC News reports such a story.

Marty Thomas, a hunting guide from Canada is shown rescuing a deer that was struggling in a river.

The deer, that turned out to be a buck, had fallen through the ice and couldn’t get out of the river.

Thomas was alerted by a friend and went down to the river to check it out. He brewed up the idea to take a canoe out across the ice to rescue it. He got out to it and strapped a tow rope to the deer, then dragged it up an open channel in the ice.

“They brought the canoe up in a truck, we brought it down the bank and I went out with the canoe and a couple sticks, a paddle and also a diamond rope with a cinch on it to wrap around the deer somehow”

Pretty impressive to go out into a half-frozen river and attach a tow rope to a deer, not many folks would even think about trying such a thing.

Thomas then got close enough to the bank and got into the water to help get the deer up onto the banks. He then fell in the river getting the canoe out.

Talk about going above and beyond to help out the very animals that he loves so much. Being in water that cold is not something anyone wants to experience, especially when wrestling a 150-pound deer and a canoe.

“For 38 years, no kidding, I’ve been a, pardon me, just wait, it makes me emotional, I’ve been actually a hunting guy for 38 years and a taxidermist,”

“It’s been my whole life, I make a living off of wildlife and so to help, yeah, to give back like that was just, you know, it felt good.”

Thomas clearly is happy to help them out.

Seeing this is the perfect picture for how much hunters care for and respect these animals we chase. Good job Marty!

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