Willie Nelson Offers A Shot Of Perspective With New Single, “Energy Follows Thought”

Pamela Springsteen

Ol’ Shotgun Willie is back at it again.

If you thought that Willie Nelson had any intentions of calling it quits at age 88 when it comes to putting out new music, ya thought wrong.

The man dropped a surprise single today, titled “Energy Follows Thought,” and the ever-so-wise Nelson is here to give us a message that we can all keep in mind.

Penned by penned by Willie alongside longtime collaborator and album producer Buddy Cannon, the slow paced jam is ideal for those days where you feel like everything in the world, including your own mind, is against you, and the country music icon is here to teach us how to deal with those negative thoughts that tend to creep inside our minds every now and then.

He grabs you attention from the first few lines:

Imagine what you want
And get out of the way
Remember energy follows thought
So be careful what you say
Be careful what you ask for
Make sure it’s really what you want
Because your mind is made for thinkin’
And energy follows thought

I hear ya Willie, sounding like the Yoda of country music out here.

The living legend himself will be releasing a brand new studio album, A Beautiful Time, on his 89th birthday, April 29th.

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