Kenny Chesney Debuts Adventurous “Everyone She Knows” Video

Allister Ann

Kenny Chesney is back on the saddle again, dropping a brand new music video for his 2020 song, “Everyone She Knows.”

Teaming up with longtime creative collaborator Shaun Silva of Tacklebox Films, the music video follows a woman through various landscapes around the world, including a redwood forest, the Grand Canyon, the mountains, the desert, and more as she pursues “beauty, and possibly her own heart.”

Chesney says the purpose of the video is to celebrate a woman’s spirit of adventure, along with celebrating the beauty of the world.

He explains:

“I have been surrounded by strong women who lead these lives on their own terms my whole life. Nothing is more powerful or interesting than a woman who has a sense of her destiny and is willing to go chase it.

It’s not always conventional, but that’s what makes their passion so much stronger. Whether it’s my island friends, musicians like Grace Potter, several women on my team; they have a way of embracing life that’s unlike anyone else – and I think that’s awesome.”

“Everyone She Knows” was written by Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman, and Josh Osborne, and the song is about telling women to not settle down, and instead, make their own way:

“When Shaun and I started talking about who this woman should be, we wanted to show her on the road, in the world, against a backdrop of the path not taken.

Whether it’s the woman FaceTiming friends, sitting on top of her van or by the fire, you get that sense of not just how big the world is, but how great her spirit is.

To me, those free spirits should be empowered to chase their dreams and show us what the rest of us miss.”

Check it out:

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