Kid Rock Announces New Album, ‘Bad Reputation’

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Ol’ Kid Rock ain’t here to mess around.

If there’s one thing for certain about Bob… Mr. Rock, if you will…

Tt’s that he doesn’t give a flyin’ fuck about what anybody thinks or says about him.

In fact, he just might love the controversy even more.

Needless to say, the man isn’t too happy with the political state the United States is currently in, and he made that very clear with his latest rap single “We The People.”

But as always, his eclectic style includes rock and country and everything in between with the previously released “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” (which is also quite politically charged), “Ala-Fuckin-Bama,” “The Last Dance,” and “Rockin’.”

And if you thought these were just songs he was putting out to make a statement, ya thought wrong.

He’s gotta whole damn album coming out soon, called Bad Reputation, dropping March 21st.

Mr. Rock also recently announced his Bad Reputation Tour, which he says may be the last large arena tour of his career, featuring support from Grand Funk Railroad, Jason Bonnam, and Foreigner, with special appearances from Trey Lewis.

This oughta be a wild one…

Bad Reputation Tracklist:

01. Don’t Tell Me How To Live (feat. MONSTER TRUCK)
02. We The People
03. My Kind Of Country
04. Bad Reputation
05. Never Quit
06. Shakedown (feat. Robert James)
07. Rockin’
08. The Last Dance
09. See You Again
10. Still Somethin’
11. She’s Your Baby (Now Rock Her)
12. Never Enough
13. Everything To Me
14. Cold Beer
15. Ala-Fu**In’-Bama
16. Am What I Am
17. The Nashville I Know
18. Fifty

“Don’t Tell Me How To Live”

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