Little Ukrainian Girl Who Went Viral Singing “Let It Go” In Bomb Shelter Has Reportedly Made It Safely To Poland

Ukraine let it go

How about a little good news for your Wednesday afternoon.

A couple days ago, we shared a precious video of a little Ukrainian girl, Amelia, singing “Let It Go”, the iconic song from the Frozen movie soundtrack to a crowd of fellow citizens who were all trying to stay safe in a bomb shelter.

It was a super sweet and touching moment that distracted everyone in there, even if only for a few seconds, from the horrific war going on as Russia continues to invade Ukraine and murder thousands of innocent people there.

“Let It Go” singer Idina Menzel shared the video on her own Twitter account, and the original video now has nearly 16 million views:

And guess what?

Amelia has made it safely to Poland to be with her grandmother after fleeing war-torn Ukraine.

She spent six days in that bunker in the capital of Kyiv before making her way out of the country, which is just incredible news, especially considering how many people have tried, and were unable to, actually leave through the humanitarian corridors into other countries that were initially agreed upon by Russia:

“Remember Amelia, whose performance of ‘Let It Go’ in a bomb shelter moved the world? She just made it safely to Poland.”

With all the absolutely heartbreaking photos and news coming out of Ukraine right now, it’s so nice to see some good news and know that sweet Amelia will be safe in Poland:

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