Barefoot Grandpa In Hawaiian Shirt Knocks Young Punk Out Cold, Embarrasses Him With Long Count

A person lying on the ground with a person lying on the ground

Wasting dudes away in Margaritaville…

Honestly, I don’t have the slightest clue what’s going on here.

We have a barefoot grandpa that looks like he just walked his drunk ass out of a Jimmy Buffett concert and some scrawny dude with no shirt on, likely more drunk than gramps.

And they’re both about to chuck knucks on the streets of East Atlanta.

Why? Once again, I have not idea. However, some of the comments said that grandpa here is a bar owner in the neighborhood… so there’s that.

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But this clearly isn’t grandpas first rodeo because he gives a quick little dipsy doodle, a little shake and bake, then BOOM… hits him with the forearm shiver and it’s goodnight Jim Kyte.

I mean, the guy doesn’t even have shoes on, but the his lunchbox fists and that Hawaiian shirt make short work of this dude.

But if the KO wasn’t bad enough, grandpa dances on his metaphorical grave with the most savage slow count in human history. The crowd behind him going wild… just a glorious scene. My only regret is that gramps is a one-hitter quitter… would’ve loved to see him rearrange this dude’s face for a round or two.

At the end of the day, you gotta know that this old dude has seen some shit and done some shit to even want to fight you in the first place. Sure, he may be past his prime, but he probably killed a man in ‘Nam… do you think he’s afraid of you?

Morale of the story… if you’re on the streets of East Atlanta and a barefoot old man in a Hawaiian shirt says he’ll kick your ass…. he’ll kick your ass.

Roll the tape.

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