Tyler Childers Performs Unreleased New Song About Big A**es

I got me a hankerin’ for some new Tyler Childers tunes, and thankfully, Tyler has been happy to oblige.

In his limited appearances so far this year (he’s got a few more on the books already), he’s taken the opportunity to share a handful of new songs with fans.

Between his show in Mexico in support of the Avett Brothers, and his most recent performance, joining Robert Earl Keen down in Kerrville, Texas, for REK’s annual benefit concert to support the Hill Country Youth Orchestras, we’ve heard a ton of new stuff.

We heard one possibly called “Luke,” about the shepherds in the Nativity stories of the Bible, one called “Phone Calls & Emails,” as well as another called ” Rusting In The Rain.”

But this one right here has been stuck in my head for weeks…

Possibly called “Mammoth Jacks,” not since Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” have we heard such a glorious ass anthem.

Not those kind of asses though, we’re talking about donkeys.

It’s a rather simple song about getting yourself some big ol’ American Mammoth Jacks and some Percheron Mares on the farm. Throw in a hundred head of goats, some pigs… just living the dream.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a new Tyler Childers album at some point this year… stay tuned.

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A beer bottle on a dock