Ravens Defensive End Derek Wolfe Shares Insane Picture Of Arrowed Bison Heart After Dream Hunt

Derek Wolfe

Derek Wolfe, had himself a damn day.

Wolfe, current defensive end for the Baltimore Ravens, fulfilled a lifelong dream by hunting and harvesting a ginormous 2,000 pound buffalo.

He posed with the massive buffalo on Instagram yesterday, with a caption that reads:

“Took two arrows to bring this 2000lb beast down. 1st at 34 yards and the second a perfect heart shot at 67 yards.

A childhood dream came true for me. Thank you @mrs_ajw for setting this up for me.

And a big shoutout to Annihilator Broadheads for the 150g XL broadheads. 2nd slide shows how effective these broadheads were.”

The second picture in the slideshow is INSANE… demonstrating the perfect heart shot, but also, DAMN look at the size of that thing.

I’d say the trip was a success.

There isn’t much info on where, or what kind of hunt this was, but it appears the man has been taking full advantage of his time off this offseason, as he was sidelined due to injury all of 2021.

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