Miranda Lambert Says She’s A Big Miller Lite Girl With A RBF… And I’ve Never Related To Someone More In My Life

Miranda Lambert country music

Miranda Lambert is my kinda girl.

She’s loves Miller Lite, going to Loser’s (the famous bar in Nashville), and shops at Walmart just like the rest of America.

In a radio interview from shortly after her The Weight Of These Wings album came out, she admits that she went wild at the bars in Midtown when she moved back to Nashville from Oklahoma after her divorce from Blake Shelton in 2015 (she also threw some major shade at him live during the ACM’s, which you’ll want to read about here):

“I’m still gettin’ used to living here. When I first got here, I was runnin’ wild in Midtown, but then I calmed down. I was so excited. I go to Walmart, I go to Losers and Winners, either one.”

And apparently, she’s not afraid to be seen out around town, either… except she admits that she doesn’t always look overly friendly to strangers because of her RBF (resting bitch face):

“If I’m hungry, I go to Winner’s, if I’m just thirsty, I go to Loser’s.

I kinda have this like, what do you call it, RBF? I don’t mean to, though, I just do my thing and drink Miller Lite and hang out with my friends.”

Same, Miranda. Same. It happens to the best of us.

You’re out with your friends having the time of your life, but to random people who walk by, you look like you’d rather be anywhere else on the entire planet.

She also mentioned that while she has never personally asked any of her musical heroes for a photo if she’s ever seen them out on the town, she can never hold herself together when she’s around Faith Hill:

“Every time I’m around Faith Hill, I turn into a complete idiot. And I don’t know why, but it’s just Faith Hill, and she’s so pretty and she’s just awesome.

Like at the ACM’s this year, we all won that award, which was so weird, and we all go on stage and nobody really knew what to do.

We didn’t know if any other artists were gonna walk on stage… and it was weird. I got stuck in the back with Faith and she grabbed my hand and I was like, ‘Hello!'”

I haven’t been lucky enough yet to find out if I’d be the same way around either one of them, but I can assure you, it would probably be very similar to Miranda’s reaction to Faith… most likely a lot worse, though.

I swear, ever since I heard this song on her 2007 second studio album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I knew we would be best friends… she really had me needing a sixth of Miller:

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