Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Calls Russian Invasion Of Ukraine A Disaster: “It’s Shameful”

John Dutton Yellowstone

The 28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were underway a week ago, and in addition to the number of critically-acclaimed movies and television shows, the Russian invasion of Ukraine naturally became a red carpet talking point.

Kevin Costner, the star of the hit Paramount network series, Yellowstone, weighed in, as did Helen Mirren, and we saw Michael Douglas and Elle Fanning show their solidarity as well.

But for Costner, he called the whole thing a shameful disaster:

“It’s a shame that somehow we think we’ve come so far in the world, and it’s just evidence of one country trying to dominate another one to expand their border, threaten people… there’s going to be women and children and men and lives shattered, cut short for what?

For this border that people are clearly wanting to identify as their own country and there’s no reason that those two countries can’t have a wonderful relationship and flourish someday.

But what’s happening right now is a disaster, it’s shameful, and I hope that leaders around the world evolve. It’s unfortunate they’re going to have to evolve right now… in a… they’re going to have to match what’s happening right now and we need to get past this kind of leadership.”

Of course, Costner was attending the awards because Yellowstone was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, the first time Yellowstone has really received any kind of critical acclaim.

Needless to say, it was long overdue.

And while they didn’t win a SAG Award, Costner did deliver a heartfelt tribute a few days later to his longtime collaborator and production designer Ida Random at the 26th annual Art Directors Guild Awards.

She received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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